New plastic lets you get all the shampoo out of bottle

(PHOTO: Flickr/ Karen)
(PHOTO: Flickr/ Karen)

FOX19 - Researchers from Ohio State University have developed a plastic that allows soap to slide right off, without leaving small amounts stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

Soap have low surface tension, making them stick to oil and water making us clean in the shower.

However, that also makes soap or shampoo stick to the inside of the bottle.

Ohio State researchers solved the problem by creating a coating devised of solvent and super-fine silica particles that are sprayed on the inside 
of the bottle during production.

Once the plastic start to harden and set, the silica creates a teeny, tiny layer of super-hard Y-shaped branches.  The layer creates air pockets on the surface of the plastic, which break up the adhesion of the soap.

Presto the soap slides right out.  No shaking.  No squeezing.  No pounding.  It's patent-pending.

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