Telemarketers facing tougher restrictions

Telemarketers facing tougher restrictions

FOX19 - Restrictions are coming for those frustrating phone calls that come right in the middle of dinner.

The Federal Trade Commission announced it is setting restrictions on when telemarketers can call and what information they can ask for.

The new restrictions will make it illegal for telemarketers to ask for payments by:

  • Cash-to-cash transfers: like those from MoneyGram and Western Union.
  • PINs from cash reload cards like MoneyPak and Vanilla Road.

New rules also ban telemarketers from calling an individual and asking that person for their bank account information. The FTC warns that if a telemarketer, that you have not done business with, asks for your bank account number for any purpose, you should say "No" and hang up.

"They're also going to ask for things like pre-paid debit cards which has now been deemed illegal to do by a telemarketer," Sandra Guile of the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau said. "That could be one of the first red flags that you hear when you hear one of these phone calls."

The restrictions will also include:

  • limits on when telemarketers can call and what they must tell you
  • limits "hang-up" calls and rules about transmitting caller ID
  • limits robocalls

FTC says most telemarketers should not call your number once you are on the "National Do Not Call Registry" for 31 days. You can sign up here.

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