FDA gives cold shoulder to cryotherapy

Cryotherapy not approved by FDA (VIDEO)

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - All it takes is three minutes in a Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber at temperatures of -200 degrees and your muscle pain could melt, or in this case freeze, away. The FDA is warning that despite certain claims they have yet to verify what exactly cryotherapy can do.

The FDA is warning users about claims from cryotherapy such as helping with Alzheimer's, Migraines and Weight loss.

They aren't saying that cryotherapy doesn't help with those things but rather, they haven't cleared WBC devices as a safe and effective treatment.

Kendall Jones owns Arctic Blast Cryo in Deerfield Township. Her company doesn't promise cryo as a treatment to severe medical conditions but does tell us her customers satisfaction is proof of positive change with those battling muscle soreness and pain.

"I know that they love it and they feel better," said Jones. "They get more stamina, they have more energy, they're sleeping better at night and that gives me a good feeling."

Former U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt gets the treatment at Arctic Blast multiple times a week. As a marathon runner Schmidt says she can feel the positive effects. Schmidt also shared that through her past dealings with the FDA she knows more research has to be done.

"They have to have double blind studies and they have to see whether it helps or it doesn't help and analyze the data," said Schmidt. "There has been no double-blind study so the only thing you have here is antidotal results."

Jones tells us the company had to go through a training session with the company that sells the cryotherapy equipment to become certified. If you are going to try the cryotherapy treatment the FDA recommends you speak with your doctor about it first.

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