Tri-State officers report to work with heavy hearts

Officers report to work with heavy hearts (VIDEO)

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Police officers nationwide and in the Tri-State had to go back to work today with the tragedy in Dallas on their minds.

For an officer from the Delhi Police Department, Friday was unlike any other day. Things aren't easy, but it's not keeping him from doing his job.

Dallas and Delhi Township are nearly 1,000 miles apart, but for officers here, the 12-square miles they patrol seem a lot closer now.

FOX19 NOW's Ben Katko rode along with OFC Michael Gerde with the Delhi Township Police Department and found out first-hand what was running through his mind as he got into his patrol car at the beginning of his shift.

"It did hit home to me," stated Gerde.

He patrols the streets he once grew up on.

"I love what I do," he said. " I love coming in everyday. Some days are a little tougher to come in."

His badge is now wrapped in the black band of mourning, making it one of those tougher days.

"It kind of runs through your head, 'Is this the last weapon run I'm going to?' or, 'Is this the last car I pull over for speeding?"

Those are the things he says he has to thing about in recent times.

"Am I going to go home today?" he questions. "Am I going to see my family?  Am I going to see my wife?  Am I going to see my mom and dad anymore?  A lot of unknowns."

Gerde, like so many others, are back on the streets hours after fellow officers were gunned down during a rally in Dallas, another officer ambushed in Georgia and another shot during a traffic stop near St. Louis.

"Even though it's far away, it could be here," he states. " It could have been here."

Gerde says his training has him prepared for the worst and prepared him to keep doing his job.

"Even with the stuff that's going on, I'm going to continue doing the job that I do."

The chief told FOX19 NOW that this community really supports the department. In fact, people dropped off food at the police department to just say, "Thanks."

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