Authorities warn of Pokemon Go dangers

Dangers of Pokemon Go (VIDEO)

OHIO (FOX19 - Just days after the launch of Pokemon Go, Ohio State Patrol officials are warning drivers of the game users can't get enough of.

Since the games release, some aspiring Pokemon trainers have reported injuries and accidents while playing.

In a tweet Monday, OSHP advised, "We know you want to catch 'em all, but do so safely!"

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The game does launch a warning on the loading screen pointing out to adventurous Pokemon collectors to have some situational awareness.

"Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surrounds," the message reads.

"There's always someone looking for a second avenue through these things to get something over on someone, that's what we're worried about," said Sgt. Bob Burd with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "A lot of these are setting up coordinates to places that are abandoned lots or abandoned areas where predators can take advantage of other people."

In just the few days since "Pokemon Go" was released, three teenagers in O'Fallon, Missouri robbed 11 others after luring them to what are called "Poke-Stops" in the game.

Lieutenant Steve Saunders with CPD says with a game like this, you have to stay alert.

"Be aware of your surroundings. Don't get lured into some place you're not familiar with because you're so intent on playing a game," said Saunders.

Police also suggest staying in groups.

"We try to stay as a team, try to stay as a team, that way you can always look out for your friends and all that and now for her at least riding shotgun has a new responsibility," said Sgt. Burd.

OSP advises to play this game in at least groups of four because a predator is less likely to take advantage of someone with that many people.

In a statement, the Pokemon Company said, "We are constantly looking at ways to add safety features to Pokémon GO and expect to incorporate some features based on user experience into future builds."

The game's developer, Niantic adds the players need to respect real world rules and respect private property.

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