CPD looks for feedback ahead of body cam roll out

CPD looks for feedback ahead of body cam roll out

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The city of Cincinnati has outlined when, where and how police officers will utilize body cameras once the program rolls out Aug. 1.

In a memo released Tuesday, city officials invite the public to give feedback on the Body Worn Camera Program (BWC). The online survey asks participants to read the BWC Policy and Procedure then answer four questions.

The nine page procedure documents how CPD will determine use, management, storage, release and retention of all BWC files. The policy is "fluid in nature and will continue to undergo changes and revisions as new lessons are learned," the memo reads.

Some policies and procedures outlined in the document include:

-Officers must activate their Body Worn Cameras during all law-enforcement related encounters.

-Officers can only deactivate at the conclusion of an event or with supervisor approval.

-Officers must record all traffic stops and calls for emergency services

-Officers who fail to use the equipment as required could be disciplined.

-In an effort to document consent, officers must record requests for searching vehicles or persons without a warrant.

-Officers have the right to use BWC inside a private home as long as they have the legal right to be there. That includes situations involving a valid search warrant, consent of owner or call for service. Officer and public safety take precedence over recording events.

-Ambush/assault of a police officer or compromising tactical advantage are example of extenuating circumstances in which body cam use may not be possible.

-The department will preserve video for at least 90 days after the last recorded event. After that, recordings not categorized for retention will be deleted from the system, known as TASER Docking Stations.

-Recordings used in criminal investigations will be uploaded and redacted by Police Records. Videos containing footage that could be used as evidence may not be copied to a disc until after it has been redacted.

-Recorded events used in internal investigations, such as Use of Force or Citizen Complaints, will be retained for a minimum of two years or until the investigation is complete.

-Officers are not required to inform citizens they are being recorded.

The city will approximately have about 700 cameras for patrol officers.

The devices will be distributed to District 1 first and then roll out to other districts.

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