Cincinnati faith leaders meet to discuss racial issues

Faith leaders address race and fear (VIDEO)

BOND HILL, OH (FOX19) - More than a dozen local Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Non-Denominational faith leaders met at Tryed Stone New Beginning Church in Bond Hill Tuesday in the wake of recent shootings involving police officers and African American men.

Host, Jerry Stone with Tryed said the group is "doing the hard work of building relationships, getting involved in the various things that are happening in our city so that we can have a voice to make change.

"We're gathering together to let everybody know that this is not one faith community, this is the whole faith community working together," said Stone

Stone said "irrational racial fear'" either conscious or subconscious is driving the way people feel about races other than their own.

Chris Beard with Peoples Church Cincinnati said elected officials need to "lead real discussions of race, not just words that they throw out there with no meaning.

"We're talking about city of Cincinnati leaders, We're talking about state leaders. We're calling on Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton to begin to lead," said Beard.

The group plans to meet again on Aug. 9 to continue their discussion and to provide a progress report up until that date.

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