Police: No charges against driver in Combs-Hehl Bridge accident

No charges in car off bridge (VIDEO)

CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Campbell County Police said there will be no charges against the semi-truck driver that slammed into a car, forcing it off the Combs-Hehl Bridge.

Officials said it was a chain of events that started when a car careened across three lanes of traffic and forced another vehicle to come to an almost complete stop. A semi-truck came up from behind and hit that car, which went into another.

The semi-truck swerved to the right, hitting a Pontiac, sending it off the bridge and into the river.

The accident claimed the life of David Bouma, 32, of Milford.

"When the axel broke because of the collusion he could no longer control the stirring of the vehicle," Police Chief Patrick Sorrell told FOX19 NOW.

The investigation wrapped up on June 13 and took around three months to complete, according to officials. The report showed no indication of alcohol or drug use by the semi-truck driver and it also showed that the driver was no texting or distracted by his phone in any way.

"Given all that was going on, we didn't find him to be gross negligent," said Sorrell.

Fox 19 did reach out to Bouma's family but our calls were not returned.

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