Local businesses tapping into Pokemon Go craze

Pokemon go good for businesses? (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's the craze that's taking over right now.

Everywhere you look, it seems like everyone is playing the new Pokemon Go game.

Now it seems like some local businesses are starting to capitalize.

"We thought we would take advantage of it," said Maggie Curtis, the marketing manager at Bogart's in Corryville.

The game has chosen Bogart's as a "Pokestop." It's a place in the game where you can check in and grab items to help you play the game.

"We didn't know we were a Pokestop actually.  I started playing with another one of our marketers and found out last week and found out that we were a Pokestop," Curtis told FOX19 NOW.

The folks at Bogart's are using that to hand out free tickets to certain concerts on Wednesday and Thursday to bring in more visitors.

"We wanted to offer our customers something to come here since we found out we were a Pokestop," Curtis said.

Pokestops are everywhere, including Spring Grove Cemetery.

In fact, it's prompted officials there to remind visitors and players to be respectful to the mourning families while playing.

In a statement sent out on Wednesday, cemetery officials said, ""We ask visitors to keep in mind that we are serving families here who are experiencing the worst day of their lives - burying someone they love."

Across town, Jungle Jim's in Fairfield is seeing the crowds, too.

"We heard this was pretty much a hotspot for catching rare Pokemon.  We were like, 'Hey, let's go to Jungle Jim's today,'" said Pokemon Go player Mark Ward.

He's one of dozens hanging outside the eclectic grocery store. Some players have been to the landmark more than once this

"This is probably my third time this week," said Pokemon Go player Cassie Grohs.

It appears Jungle Jim's doesn't mind either.

They're inviting players out for a night of gaming next Wednesday.

In a Facebook event invite, players can "come check things out, shop a bit, and enjoy walking around both inside and outside the store."

The invitation goes on to say that there will be snacks and beverages for sale, as well as a "few other treats all available while you hunt for, train, and pit your Pokemon against each other."

"I never thought I'd be hanging out at Jungle Jim's," Grohs said.

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