Consider This: The only solution is to increase communication

Consider This: Black, white and blue (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Enough is Enough.

That was the message from the massive crowd at the Black Lives' Matter protest this past weekend in Cincinnati.

About 1500 protesters came to show their support. Emotions ran high--but the rally was peaceful. The message was clear:  these shootings have to stop.

The fatal shooting of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana and then hours later, five police officers gunned down in Dallas...point to the fact there is still a race relations problem in America.

The only solution is to increase the communication—and talk about solutions.

Cincinnati faith leaders met this week.

They said elected officials need to lead a real discussion and not use words without meaning. And, that leadership needs to come from city, state and national leaders.

Consider this, it IS time for real change in America.

On Friday, FOX19 Now will be providing special coverage throughout the day.

We're calling it: "Black, white and blue - a community conversation".

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