Officer-owned car wash robbed by manager

Cops' car wash robbed by manager (VIDEO)

BOND HILL, OH (FOX19) - The manager of an officer-owned car wash in Bond Hill turned himself in after robbing the workplace who took him in despite his criminal history.

Officer Michael Donald and his partner, Charles Utley, opened Howdy Car Wash off Reading Road with a mission to give those with a record a chance at a job - a chance that not too many employers will take.

Desmond Vaughn had been working at the car wash for over a year when officers said surveillance footage from April of this year showed the moments Vaughn stole money from the safe and taking money for payroll.

The people he stole from were the people who gave him the job.

The owners said they didn't just give Vaughn a job, they trusted him as assistant manager.

"You know, me and my partner Mike are tired of hearing the same old story, 'I can't get a job,'" said Utley.

Desmond Vaughn recently turned himself in after allegedly stealing money from the safe.

"I think it's just one bad apple," said Donald. "It's not going to discourage us from doing what we need to do - to try and help the community and what I mean by help the community is try and reduce some of the crime."

Donald said he had a lot of reactions when he found out his employee had betrayed his trust.

"I had a lot of reactions I was hurt, disappointed, furious," he said.

The officers said one of the hardest parts was telling the other employees what happened.

"They were upset because he was a leader on the team."

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