Ohio-based company promises hangover cure

Ohio-based company promises hangover cure

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - An Ohio company has created a product makers say can ease the effects of a hangover.

Life Support is a drinkable product makers said can help prevent hangovers.

The Columbus, Ohio-based company claims the drink's active ingredient, Hovenia Dulcis (Japanese raisin tree extract), and other vitamins and minerals speed up alcohol metabolism and help the body recover from the effects of alcohol consumption.

"You would take this at night after your last drink," said Chris Ellis, Life Support's financial director. "Our ingredients prevents your body from having that response at the end of the night when you drink it. Your body won't have the negative response for the next eight hours and when you wake up, you'll feel fine, ready to go."

Ellis said the flavonoid component of Japanese raisin tree extract helps two enzymes in the body break down alcohol more efficiently.

"The Japanese raisin extract, we actually import it from Korea," he said.

Life Support's President Cheryl Krueger says their product can also be used any time to increase energy.

"I just drank it on my way to work," Krueger said. "I drink one almost every morning and I'm not a big drinker."

Life Support is available online and at Ohio retailers including Kroger.

Because supplements are not FDA-approved, clinical trials are not required.

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