Oktoberfest location change impact on business

Oktoberfest relocated to 2nd & 3rd streets (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There aren't many things more Oktoberfest than beer. Beer is Rock Bottom Brewery's business on 5th Street in Downtown Cincinnati and this brewery expects business to be good when the streetcar opens later this summer.

"Anything that can drive traffic towards our business," said Rock Bottom Brewery General Manager Garrett Coats. "Whether it's the convention center or Aronoff or beyond that getting traffic from other areas that we didn't have access to before, it's always a positive for us."

With the streetcar route comes the relocation of Oktoberfest from 5th Street to 2nd & 3rd Streets. The city's announcement of the relocation pushes the festivities a couple blocks away from the Rock Bottom Brewery's Fountain square restaurant.

"That's news to me and it makes me sad," said Coats. "That's too bad because Oktoberfest is a huge weekend for us so if they are moving it that would be disappointing, depending on the location."

Coats is confident that Rock Bottom Brewery's Rocktoberfest will have beer enthusiasts up and down the streets of Cincinnati.

While Rock Bottom is confident their celebration will draw in crowds, Kitty's Sports Grill on 2nd street is happy to hear about the relocation. Kitty's will be right beside all the action when Oktoberfest Zinzinnati rolls around in September.

"For us the exposure that we're going to get, I mean, as soon as I heard that I was ecstatic," said Kitty's Sports Grill owner Billy Watson.

The Streetcar has created some controversy amongst Cincinnati residents but this afternoon's announcement sent good and bad news up and down the rails on Tuesday.

"I've heard great things about it, I've heard bad things, that's another story," said Watson. "For us I think you'd have to say we like the street car right now.

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