Norwood group pushes to decriminalize marijuana

Norwood group pushes to decriminalize marijuana

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The group Sensible Norwood is working to reduce penalties when it comes to marijuana possession violations in Norwood.

"Basically, we like to protect our citizens from having lifelong damage from minor misdemeanor possession charges," said the group president Amy Wolfinbarger.

Wolfinbarger says these charges are causing people to lose their jobs, even student financial aid.

Though it's a minor misdemeanor, police say an employer could check and see the reason for the citation.

"These charges have stuck with people throughout their life where individual citizens can have really good jobs and great opportunities in life unfortunately these charges follow them," said Wolfinbarger.

The group has been collecting signatures since march hoping to get enough needed for a spot on the ballot come this November. The group collected 645 signatures of the 396 it says it needed.

"We've had signatures from all walks of life, every age, every creed, every color, everybody is really excited about it," said Wolfinbarger.

Though it's a charge a violator won't be arrested for, the group would like to see fines eliminated for those who are cited and it hopes this move would free up resources for another drug issue its calling an epidemic.

"There is big opiate epidemic in the city of Norwood and the crime that goes with that; and we would like to free up resources so that our police can spend their time on issues that affect people's safety," said group vice president Kimberly Rupp.

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