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Copy-Clinton VP announcement in limbo after German mass shooting

(RNN) - Hillary Clinton could name her running mate as soon as Friday, though a mass shooting in Germany has created an element of uncertainty. 

Reports of one or more gunmen attacking a mall in Munich and targeting children has dominated the news cycle. Friday afternoon Clinton tweeted that she is "monitoring the horrific situation" and expressed for support for those attempting to bring those responsible to justice.

Last week, Republican nominee Donald Trump postponed his announcement of Mike Pence as his vice presidential choice in the wake of a terrorist attack in Nice, France.

The Hillary for Virginia team announced Friday on Twitter that she would be making her pick public "soon," along with a number to text for people who want to be first to know. Sources told the Associated Press that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is the frontrunner for her vice presidential choice.

She is scheduled to make a stop in Tampa, FL, on Friday and Miami on Saturday. An announcement would bring the spotlight back over to her campaign after a week of the Republican National Convention dominating the news cycle.

Kaine has been among the handful of likely running-mate choices for Clinton for years, since she was seen as the likely nominee shortly after President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election.

A loyal Democrat with the qualifications to be president on Day 1, the Virginia senator was on candidate Barack Obama’s short list in 2008 and was among Clinton’s earliest supporters. Seen as a dependable, knowledgeable and respected national politician, Kaine is a safe choice for Clinton in a race against the bombastic Donald Trump.

He is also popular in Virginia, a swing state, where he has served as the mayor of Richmond, VA, the governor and now a senator. Straight out of Harvard Law, he clerked for a federal judge and married Anne Holton, a former judge and daughter of a previous Virginia governor.

In 2009, Obama appointed him chair of the Democratic National Committee, where he served until 2011.

As DNC chair, he developed relationships with partly leaders at the local, state and national levels as well as with and donors as DNC chair.

In an election where Hispanic support may be the key to victory, Kaine is fluent in Spanish, learning the language while serving as a Catholic missionary in Honduras, when he took a year off from Harvard Law School.

Kaine is an ideological moderate. He has a faith-based objection to abortion, but does not believe it should be outlawed, and he cut spending as Virginia governor. He is likely to pull the party back to the left-center, away from the leftward swing caused by Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Vilsack, Perez among other potential picks

Former two-term Iowa governor and agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, 65, has been also discussed as the Democratic VP candidate.

Vilsack has been a fixture in national Democratic Party politics for more than a decade.  He announced his own bid for the Democratic nomination for president in November of 2006, before dropping out in February of 2007. 

The lawyer has an extensive background in Iowa politics. Before serving in the Iowa State Senate in the 1990s, he was elected mayor of Mount Pleasant, IA, in 1987.  

He was Iowa governor from January of 1999 to January of 2007. 

Another favorite in Clinton's veepstakes is U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

Perez, a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School, was appointed Labor secretary in 2013 by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Previously, he served as Maryland's Secretary of Labor from 2007-2009, when he was confirmed as Assistant Attorney General by the U.S. Senate.

Other names floated have been Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Cory Booker of New Jersey. 

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