Background of CPD officer involved in race-fueled Facebook post detailed

CPD officer investigated for Facebook post (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Fraternal Order of Police leader in Cincinnati says officers have said they are "extremely concerned" over a Facebook post made by another officer within the department.

FOP President Sgt. Dan Hils says he has been contacted by active and retired officers who have voiced their concerns.

The post appears to reference white police officers "looking for a reason to kill a black man."

On Friday, the Cincinnati Police Department released to FOX19 NOW the personnel file of Officer Freddie Vincent – the officer who appeared to make the post.

FOX19 NOW first broke the story on Thursday.  At the time, Lt. Steve Saunders declined to name the officer, but confirmed administrators are reviewing the post, which was sent to FOX19 NOW by anonymous sources. It shows the commenter's name as Freddie Vincent, an officer with District 5, sources say.

"We can't keep kicking the can down the road.  Let's sit down.  Let's be honest.  Let's deal with it and make things better," said Bishop Bobby Hilton
who runs the local chapter of the National Action Network.

In Vincent's personnel file, it shows he graduated from La Salle in 1987 and majored in criminal justice while in college.

He also spent time in the National Guard.

In 1991, he went to the police academy and in 1992 he became an officer assigned to District One of the Cincinnati Police Department.  Six months later he was "Dismissed" because he "Failed Probation," according to his personnel file paperwork.

FOX19 NOW has also learned the Vincent shot someone while on duty in 2004.

Also included in his personnel file are three "Patrol Performance Reports," one for each year from 2014 to 2016.

Among the information reviewed in each report, there are a total of 15 areas that are evaluated and rated. In 2016, he was rated as "Needs Improvement" in areas of Complies with Policies and Procedures, Teamwork, and Investigation and Case Preparation.

In 2015, he was rated as "Needs Improvement" in Complies with Policies and Procedures, Work Product, Investigation and Case Preparation, and Patrol Practices (Self-Initiated Activity).

In 2014, Vincent was marked as "Needs Improvement" in 7 of 15 categories.

In the three reports, Vincent was also given an "Exceeds Standards" one time.  All other categories have him rated as "Meets Standards."

"I think that we need to encourage those law enforcement officers that do their jobs with integrity.  These remarks are not pointed toward them.  Let's acknowledge there's an issue.  Let's deal with it together," Hilton told FOX19 NOW.

The entire post reads:

"Yep it has made world wide news now… A message to all my Afro America friends and family. When you are encountered by a white officer make sure that you are in a public place ,and comply to all of their commands,because they are looking for a reason to kill a black man. And always keep your hands in the air,and never resist. I'm so tired of cops using these famous words "I was in fear of my life". I'm praying for Louisiana that could have
been my nephew in B.R."

In the final page of the personnel report obtained by FOX19 NOW, it includes commendations.  According to the paperwork, Vincent has received six commendations with the last one coming in 2010.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Chief Eliot Isaac said the comments are under review as they related to the department's social media policies. His entire statement read:

"The Cincinnati Police Department strives to maintain a culture of professionalism, as well as transparency and accountability for our actions. I am proud of the work of the men and women of the Cincinnati Police Department and our efforts to work collaboratively with the community. We are aware of a recent post to a commonly used social media site by one of our officers that refers to an interpretation of a law enforcement officer's actions.  The comments that were posted are under review as they relate to our Social Media procedure and our Rules and Regulations."

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