UC's Tuberville says Big 12 Expansion is all about money

UC's Tuberville says Big 12 Expansion is all about money

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Written by Jacob Stansell

The Big 12 is expected to expand its conference and garner around two to four teams in the process with the University of Cincinnati being considered one of the favorites, including BYU, Houston and the UConn.

"It's all about money," Cincinnati head football coach Tommy Tuberville said. "We've got everybody in place to make that move, but if it doesn't happen it'll happen sooner or later."

After striking a deal with ESPN, the ACC is scheduled to debut its own network channel in 2019, which would make the Big 12 the only conference without a major network. Some have stated that this is an important factor to consider as far as expansion is concerned. However, others have deemed kick-starting a network channel to carry little significance and instead the Big 12 leaders would look at the success of the overall football programs as a key component, on deciding whether or not to prepare additions to the conference.

Nevertheless, the push for expansion has increasingly developed and Cincinnati still remains among the favorites, and rightfully so in the case of location. With the recent renovations of Nippert Stadium and Cincinnati being a top-40 TV market, it makes sense that the Bearcats be added as a new member of the Big 12 Conference and help contribute to an audience for a network channel.

"We'll rest on our accomplishments and academics and athletics," Tuberville said. "You don't go  out and advertise for it. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, we're excited about being in the ACC."

In the case of performance on the field, the Bearcats aren't too far behind in that conversation either as Tuberville said that the football program is noted as one of the winningest college football programs in the last ten years. Tuberville is 25-13 in his first three seasons as the Bearcats' head coach.

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