Family Finds Camera in Bathroom

A Tri-State mother of three wasn't really sure what she found in her bathroom lights last week, but she knew it didn't belong there. Police say it's a video camera and transmitter.

Norwood Police aren't releasing much more information, because their investigation has just begun. But according to a police report, the woman says her landlord had done some work to the light fixtures in the bathroom of her second floor apartment just a few days before she found the camera. Police will confirm they took other equipment, besides the camera, out of the building's basement, but so far no one has been arrested.

"This is a unique type of investigation," Sgt. Tom Fallon says. "One we haven't done before, just from the nature of technology."

Police say the apparent camera is wireless and so small it's lens is about the size of a pinhole.

"Because they're so small, you can hide them almost anywhere," Ken Puthoff of Larry's Lock Safe and Security says.

Puthoff sells similar hidden cameras. He says depending on how much you spend; the camera can record video digitally or to tape, in black and white or color, and can be remarkably clear.

"It's not going to cover the entire room, there's going to be blind spots in that room," he says, "but if it's properly placed, you can get video that is pretty useful."

And Puthoff says he is very mindful of the use of the cameras. Typically he says, they're used as so-called "nanny cams," to monitor someone or something in your own house. But he says, if a buyer acts suspiciously, he won't sell them a camera.

Still, they're easy and maybe cheaper to buy on-line or in catalogues. There, you can get a camera hidden in an alarm clock, a pencil sharpener, or even a thermostat for a couple hundred dollars.

And Sgt. Fallon says he hopes this investigation is an eye opener to that fact. He hopes people will pay more attention to workers who come into their home. "Just the basis of this report, as a father of two children," he says, "I'd be very cautious of what somebody puts in my home, because you never know."