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Size doesn't matter in the Summer Olympics

Rio De Janeiro (FOX19) -

Size doesn't matter when it comes to the Summer Olympics in Rio, at least according to U.S. gymnast Simone Biles.

The 4′ 9″ Biles is a Columbus, Ohio native. Although opening ceremonies for the 2016 games don't begin until Friday night, Biles appears to already be having a blast with her fellow Olympians.

Biles tweeted photos of herself standing next to the tallest members of the U.S. team.  In a photograph with swimmer Michael Phelps she writes, "No biggie." Phelps stands at 6′ 4″.  

Phelps isn't the tallest member of team U.S.A.  That distinction goes to American volleyball player David Lee.  Lee stands 6′ 8″, nearly 2 feet taller than Biles. In the caption of her picture with Lee, she writes, "Size difference in Olympians doesn't matter, depending on what sport you do." 

The 2016 Olympic games will be a first for 19-year-old Biles. She is the most decorated American female gymnast in World Championships history, with a fourteen medals.

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