Bush To Get Specific

At news conference, Bush will get specific on Social Security solvency

At his prime-time news conference tonight, President Bush plans to make specific proposals on how to shore up the solvencey of Social Security.

The president's been barnstorming the country for his idea of private retirement accounts -- but acknowledges they won't fix the system's financial woes.

Democrats charge they make matters worse. Press Secretary Scott McClellan won't reveal the specifics Bush has in mind. But experts have said only benefit cuts or extra tax money would deal with solvency -- and Bush has ruled out raising tax rates.

Aide say Bush will also use tonight's 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time session to renew his call for Congress to pass his energy plan. He first submitted it four years ago, and McClellan sky-high gas prices make clear that "four years is long enough" to debate the issue.