Playground Safety

National Playground Safety Week

For most kids, playgrounds are a one-stop shop of fun, but they can also be dangerous -- and potential death traps.

Each year more than 200-thousand kids go to the emergency room because of playground injuries. And on average about 15 kids die each year in playground incidents, with the majority of deaths occurring on backyard play sets. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Hal Stratton says the number-one deadly danger in the backyard is posed by homemade rope swings or accessories like dog leashes or belts that are attached to play sets. He says they account for a lot of strangulations.

This week is National Playground Safety Week. So, to make playtime safer, new standards call for all climbing ropes to be anchored top and bottom to prevent strangulation.

Also, new recommendations call for up to 12 inches of shredded mulch or wood chips to be placed under play sets to minimize the severity of injuries from falling.