Bewitched Statue

Some in Witch City less than bewitched by sitcom statue

Some people in Salem, Massachusetts, say a statue of a sitcom star has no place in a city known for its deadly-serious witch trials.

The TV Land cable network wants to erect a nine-foot bronze statue honoring the late Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stephens in "Bewitched." One resident says it would be insensitive to put a statue of a fictional comic witch in a city where people were condemned to death during the witch hysteria of 1692. Others point out that Bewitched had no connection to the city other than a visit by the cast in 1970. But Mayor Stanley Usovicz supports the statue. He says it would be a fun spot for tourists to stop and have their pictures taken.

He also says it would be located far from Gallows Hill, where 19 accused witches were hanged.