Prosecution Plans To Rest Tuesday

Jackson prosecution now plans to rest on Tuesday

Michael Jackson's prosecutors say they won't rest their case today, despite the completion of testimony by Jackson's ex-wife. They now plan to rest Tuesday.

Prosecutors have introduced a stack of travel and phone records into evidence. They'll be part of the prosecution's final argument that Jackson conspired to falsely imprison his accuser's family. Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, testified she thinks Jackson was the victim of his associates' conspiracy, not its ringleader. But she's only spoken with Jackson once in six years and admits her opinion is based mostly on emotion. Rowe called the associates "opportunistic vultures."

Some are named as Jackson's unindicted co-conspirators. Rowe insisted her 2003 pro-Jackson video was not scripted. But she also said Jackson had promised she'd be able to visit the kids if she cooperated.