Tri-State battles dangerous spike in overdoses, holds second ‘Hope Over Heroin’ rally

Tri-State battles dangerous spike in overdoses, holds second ‘Hope Over Heroin’ rally

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - As the Tri-State battles the dangerous spike in heroin overdoses, a local group continues their fight to help addicts.

The "Hope Over Heroin" event began Saturday with a prayer march through the streets of Norwood, when all of a sudden the group passed emergency crews who were treating a man who had just overdosed on heroin.

"We weren't going to walk that way. We actually changed the parade route right before we left the parking lot here," event organizer Nathan Atwood said. "I was just flabbergasted to tell you the truth. It was surreal."

Norwood police said the victim was given two doses of Narcan and was eventually revived.

When the group finished the march and returned, red balloons were released into the air. Each one represented the 45 people in Norwood who lost their battle to one day get clean.

"I've been a heroin addict, struggling and fighting the battle for 13 years," Scott Hale said.

Hale said he's been off heroin for 4 months now.

"I've OD'd eight times. Eight times I've woke up a hospital," he said.

Scott Caraboolad was one of the motorcycle stunt riders at the rally to promote the cause. He said he felt he could do drugs and still function.

"It seemed like it worked for a while, right? It seemed like I could handle it and I could set it down and function.You figured out you couldn't...and at a point in my life, I couldn't," Caraboolad said.

The "Hope Over Heroin" message is clear - to find the answer through faith.

Caraboolad said getting off drugs turned his life around completely.

"If I said how beautiful it was you probably wouldn't believe it. But you're not hopeless. Nobody is hopeless. Just making some wrong decisions," he said.

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