Fiancee Still Wants To Marry

Fiancee of runaway bride still wants to marry her

She fled across the country, rather than walk down the aisle with him -- but Jennifer Wilbanks' fiancee still wants to marry her.

As John Mason puts it, "Haven't we all made mistakes?" Wilbanks was reported missing last Tuesday -- and it was feared she'd been kidnapped, or worse. But after she turned up in New Mexico Friday night, it turned out she'd simply gotten cold feet about her weekend wedding.

Mason tells "Hannity and Colmes" on Fox that even though he and Wilbanks haven't said their "I do's," his commitment was made the day he bought her ring. He says "I'm not backing down from that."

While Mason may be ready to forgive Wilbanks' jitters, not everyone feels that way. The mayor of Duluth, Georgia says, "We feel a tad betrayed." She's looking into whether Wilbanks can be sued for the 100-thousand-dollars it cost to search for her.

And authorities may file charges against her, for initially claiming that she'd been kidnapped.