Cars Targeted on I-74

The Tuesday afternoon commute felt a little like target practice for some drivers on Interstate 74 Tuesday. And their cars were the targets.

Cincinnati Police are investigating several reports of someone throwing rocks at cars near the Colerain exit. Suzi Hendricks says she saw a boy no older than 11, wind up and aim at her car.

"It was a great big rock," she says, "the size of a softball, and he threw it at my car."

It put a dent and several scratches in it. But Hendricks was one of the lucky ones. Other people had windows broken out.

"If this is becoming a habit for children," Hendricks says, "it's dangerous and people can die from this."

Police say they see this type of crime from time to time and take it seriously. In the past, they say, kids have been arrested for throwing rocks at cars.