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Pink Plates for Sex Offenders

You can already check on the internet but now Ohio lawmakers want to give you one more way to spot a convicted sex offender in your neighborhood by putting pink license plates on their cars. Lawmakers have already done it to drunk drivers with yellow plates but does the system really work?

Spot a pink plate in your neighborhood and beware a sex offender is close by. State Representative Michael Deboius says a law putting putting plates on the cars of repeat child sex offenders will help children and police keep themselves safe.

A similar system started in 2004 can tag drunk drivers with yellow plates. Mother's Against Drunk Driver believe the concept works but they'd like to see more offenders get tagged with yellow plates. Of 62, 000 DUI arrests in 2004 nearly 11,000 convicts were given yellow plates. But Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters doesn't believe it works. 

"I seriously doubt the effectiveness of this drive someone else's car there are a lot of ways to get around it," said Deters.

A colored shield over a yellow plate is illegal but plenty of cars have them and from a distance they work you can barely tell this plate is a yellow. Drunk drivers can also avoid the colored tag by postponing their convictions.

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