Parents Serving Detention

This is the room where detention is served if a child is late that student or his or her parent has to sit here for one hour after school.

"I've sat in detention twice once last year and once this year," said Andrew Flege.

Parents like Andrew Flege aren't forced to serve detention at Williamston Elementary. But at a school where good attendance shines through tardiness isn't tolerated. So when kids from first grade on up are late someone is held accountable. Usually it's the student but every now and then a parent accepts the blame.

"I've had personally five in the last 7 years who've decided to do that, I think it's commendable for a parent to do that to say it was my fault," says principal David Poer.

"No child anywhere should be punished for the actions of another," said Flege.

Fledge won't allow his kids to pay if he's tardy and after sending some of his own time in the hot-seat he says he won't pay either.

"He is the principal of an elementary school an employee of mine, works for my tax dollar and does not have the right to punish me for getting my kid to school late," said Flege.

But Poer believes the policy teaches students discipline and accountability they want parents to cooperate in helping to build their children's character.

"We have to be fair about the policy we have your child's best interest in mind,"

Meanwhile a recent lateness means the fledges have detention this Wednesday they say they're not going and they'll fight further punishment.

"If they arbitrarily put them in any kind of suspended mode they are in violation of Kentucky state policy and I will sue the school," said Flege.