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Internet addiction growing problem among young people

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Internet addiction is becoming a growing problem from young people.

A new study sheds light on the increased risk to mental health problems.

The study shows internet addiction may increase the risk of mental health problems like ADHD, depression in youngsters, anxiety, inattention and impulsiveness.  

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada included 254 students in their study. Researchers used the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), which was created in 1998, as well as a newer scale of the researcher’s own design.

 It found 42.1% of the surveyed students had mental health issues due to excessive reliance on the internet.

The study also found that 56% of those surveyed had a difficult time controlling their use of video streaming websites, 48 % couldn’t control their use of social media and 29% had trouble staying away from instant messaging.

The study authors are hoping the results may have practical implications for how mental health care providers address problematic internet use.

Internet addiction has not been formally recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a diagnosable condition, citing more research is needed.

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