LISTEN: Woman reports being chased by clown

Woman reports being chased by clown

FRANKLIN, OH (FOX19) - A woman in Franklin reported being chased by a clown outside her apartment complex Wednesday.

In a call to the Franklin Police Department, the woman tells authorities she spotted a person in a clown suit when she arrived home from work.

"I have heard so much about this I didn't even know it was actually true," the woman tells police. "I just got chased by a clown up into the door of my apartment."

[Listen to the call in the player above]

She said it followed her to the steps of her apartment before fleeing around the back of the building.

"It was like a full clown suit. All I saw really was white and red," she described. The person was wearing a plastic, full-headed clown mask.

"The Franklin Police Department would like to discourage people from frightening strangers whom they do not know," Chief Russ Whitman said in a statement. "This is childish and could be dangerous for everyone involved."

The "creepy clown" phenomenon has recently emerged across multiple states. A string of reports of people dressed in clowns and acting suspiciously has popped up in Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama and several other states.

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