Tri-State Students Welcome Home Troops

What do you get when you take the 509th Infantry stationed in Ft. Polk, Louisiana, deploy them to Iraq and while they're there, they get adopted by a city in Northern Kentucky? You get a homecoming like no other in Edgewood, Kentucky on Tuesday. A few members of the Alpha Unit wanted to meet the good folks there who made life bearable in Iraq, one of their stops was Turkey Foot Middle School.

7th grader Ashlee Ledger says "We made posters, sent candy, sweatshirts, cell phones, anything to make them feel at home." Sergeant Tommy Brasington says, "I remember the first time we got the boxes, I walked in the room and it was packed with boxes, I said where on earth did all this come from?"

The soldiers say everyday was like Christmas, so imagine how they felt when they actually met the hands that put it all together. Specialist Gabriel Leal says, "It feels like we made a lot of friends, it's great."

The 509th Infantry was adopted by the city of Edgewood through the "Americans Supporting Americans" organization. It's a non-profit group that matches soldiers with cities, or people who want to adopt a unit. You can learn more about the group at: