Kids in Detention

A battle over detention at a Northern Kentucky Elementary School has parents pitted against principal and 3 young students stuck in the middle. The Flege's say their children are honor students, haven't missed a day of class all year, and have been tardy by less than 5 minutes only 4 times.

After excusing a couple of late arrivals this year, the Williamstown principal insisted the Flege kids---or their parents----serve detention Wednesday afternoon.

But the parents said no way, it's "their" fault their kids were late, so the kids shouldn't be punished. And although dad has sat in detention twice before, he refuses to do it again.

"They can't use kids to get a certain behavior out of parents it's not fair," said Deena Flege.

So the Flege's instructed their kids to board the bus and come straight home. Now the Williamstown Principal plans to punish the kids "during" school on Thursday removing them from their regular classroom for the entire day. He says he's obliged to enforce school rules designed to teach discipline, accountabilty, and character.

The Flege's don't agree and say they may take legal action against these unwritten rules.

"The policy doesn't read that way it can't be enforced that way," said Andrew Flege.

"I find it sad that they are gonna use my straight A, honor role kids to get that point across to me," said Deena Flege.