Zoo Parking No Quick Fix

Homeowners who live near the Cincinnati Zoo are getting some news they've been waiting four years to hear. A 15 acre pile of dirt will soon be a parking lot. After delays caused by a lack of money and a slow city permitting process the zoo told a group of concerned residents the parking lot along Vine Street will be finished by the end of the year. The East side of Clifton has been blanketed with dump truck traffic lately and more trees have been torn down to make way for a new sewer line. Zoo Project Coordinator, Kathy Schwab tells FOX 19, "The residents will soon bring their horticulture and their botanical gardens back to the perimeter. There will be a lot of trees. The parking lot itself will be a zoo experience when you arrive and I think the neighborhood will be very pleased when it's done." The zoo is in desperate need of 25-hundred parking spaces and is only in the first phase of a 20 year expansion plan. By 2007 a Federally funded foot bridge will connect the new parking lot with a new zoo entrance on Vine Street.