Construction Worker Catches Bullet in Price Hill

Construction Worker Caught in Cross Fire in Price Hill

A bullet shattered the window of a back-hoe and hit a 54 year old construction worker in the lower abdomen....while he was doing work for the city of Cincinnati in Price Hill. His team of 5 workers---all employed by Howell Construction---were stunned.  They say their friend Ronnie Becknell---a husband, father, and hard worker---had been shot. Police say the bullet came from a brawling group of young men on the corner of Mcphearson and Eighth street. Witnesses watched the fist fight escalate. They say it was about drugs. Folks like Earl Hickson who says he's watched this neighborhood deteriorate over the last 24 years aren't surprised. Council member john cranley who grew up and now lives in price hill agrees, city council needs to do more. He says the area needs more police and less section 8 housing as well as responsible landlords. Meanwhile police say groups of young men, banned together looking for a fight, are increasingly the cause of gun violence in price hill and other cincinnati neighborhoods. Police did not have a very detailed description of the shooter this evening. I just called district 3, they told me no suspects are in custody. If you know anything call crimestoppers at 352-3040.