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Bengals should demand more from Burfict

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Let me get this out of the way: I'm a big fan of Vontaze Burfict.

I'm a fan of his intensity, I'm a fan of the way he can change a game, I'm a fan of the way he gives the Bengals defense an attitude.

You could argue that the Bengals have never had a player like Burfict.

Maybe Tim Krumrie, but even he didn't have the swagger Burfict has.

With all that said, why does it seem so hard for him to stay on the field.

The NFL is looking into yet another incident involving Burfict.

The Patriots claim he purposely stepped on a player's leg during last Sunday's loss.

Ordinarily, I'd roll my eyes and say it's the Patriots being whiny babies, but track record gives me all I need to know.

Burfict was suspended the first three games of this season because of what some call a dirty hit during last year's playoff loss to the Steelers.

He's also been fined tens of thousands of dollars for similar plays in the past.

Listen, Vontaze; the Bengals need you on the field!

They need you plugging the middle, they need you terrorizing quarterbacks, and dropping big hits on running backs.

If you can't control your emotions, you're no good to the team.

Of course, I say all this from the comfort of my newsroom computer.

Look, I'm just like every Bengals fan; I stick by them no matter what, but after a while, enough is enough.

I'm exasperated, at a loss for words every time I see something questionable involving Vontaze Burfict.

I guess I just expect more at this point. I think it's about time the Bengals do too.

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