Protesters rally for justice ahead of Tensing trial

Protesters rally for justice ahead of Tensing trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Protesters on Sunday were calling for justice ahead of the trial for former UC police officer Ray Tensing, who is facing charges in the shooting death of Sam Dubose during a traffic stop last year.

The rally turned into a march that moved through the streets of OTR.

"We're out here to build a movement for Sam Dubose and also to build a larger movement to demand justice for countless other families who have lost their loved ones," Ashley Harrington with Black Lives Matter said.

Protesters said the rally was coordinated by more than just one organization.

"We have come together and we are all equally working together to make this sort of coalition happen. It's in no way just Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, it's all of us standing side-to-side and demanding justice," Harrington said.

"This was a real effort for justice and the people in this city who are fighting to defend other people on many fronts, are trying to tell the city something and they need to listen," Brian Taylor with Black Lives Matter said.

Audrey Dubose, mother of Same Dubose, said she doesn't want another parent to face what she's been through.

"It's hard…when you can't get rest because your son has been killed, just snuffed away," she told FOX19 NOW.

Their hope is voices can be a vehicle for change.

"I believe that with every ounce of my being that us, the people watching this interview, are the ones… if we come out in the streets and in a discipline and organized way demand justice, we can tip the scale before the gavel falls," Taylor said.

The jury selection process is set to begin Tuesday and is expected to take several days.

"I'm hoping to see righteousness. I'm hoping to see justice. I'm hoping that we continue to do it for everybody. I'm hoping to believe that we have a righteous system," Dubose said.

Demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the trial.

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