Toddler Falls Out Window

Although he was unconscious for about an hour, a two-year-old Arlington Heights boy continues to improve in Children's Hospital, after falling out a second floor window.

Police say the boy, whose name they are not releasing, was alone in his bedroom Sunday afternoon when somehow he fell out the window. Police say the boy's father was the only adult in the house and he was in the next room during the fall. They're investigating him for possible child endangerment charges.

Sgt. Ken Harper with the Arlington Heights Police Department says there are a lot of unanswered questions. He says there are concerns with the condition of the house and why the man waited up to 45 minutes before calling for help.

"There was a 30-45 minute window between when the incident occurred and when he called 911," Sgt. Harper says. The whole time, he says, the little boy was unconscious.

The accident was heartbreaking to neighbors, who describe the boy sweet and affectionate. Kim Moore described him as the neighborhood's ray of sunshine. "[The family] has four kids, four boys and they always play so well together," she says. "And the fact that it was the youngest one, it just makes it that much harder."

Specifics on the boy's injuries have not been released yet. The police investigation into the accident should be wrapped up by Monday.