Professor Dismissed

Campus shocked over professor with Nazi views

Some students at Fairleigh Dickinson University say they never thought their history professor was a racist. But now that Jacques Pluss has been fired, their views have changed. Pluss says he was dismissed in March after the university learned he was involved with the National Socialist Movement, which bills itself as "America's Nazi Party." But officials at the New Jersey school say Pluss was fired for missing too many classes. Pluss says he joined the neo-Nazi group in February but never mentioned his views on campus.

However, after he was fired, Pluss went on a radio show on the National Socialist Movement Web site and described Fairleigh Dickinson as a "Jewish plutocratic university."

A black student who says he used to think highly of Pluss says he changed his opinion after learning that Pluss used a racial slur to describe the men's basketball team.