When will we see our first snow?

FOX19 - Ready for snow?!

There are a lot of strong opinions on this subject, but the facts are clear.

Snow this early in the season is rare.

The earliest we've ever seen measurable snow in Cincinnati was on October 19, 1989, when an astounding 5 inches of snow fell across the area.
It's only snowed on Halloween once in Cincinnati, 0.3 inches in 1993.
It's really not until mid-November that our chance of snow starts to go up.

The average date of the first measurable snow in Cincinnati is Nov. 29.

Even then, these early snows are typically brief and don't stay on the ground for long.

The average date for our first snowfall of 1 inch or more isn't until December 15th.
It's very unusual to get through the whole month of December without snow though. The latest first measurable snow in Cincinnati fell on Jan.12, 1983.
What about this year?

Well, there's high confidence we won't be seeing snow over the next couple of weeks with temperatures still expected to be mainly above average.

Long range computer models are indicating this warmer than usual pattern may continue through the month of November.
Based on this, we think there's a good chance that our first snow may not occur until December, possibly mid to late December.

Without El Nino though, it will be hard for this to be a record warm winter with record late snowfalls.

When we see our first chance of snow, we'll be the first to let you know.

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