Hugging Ban

Ban on lingering hugs provokes dispute at Oregon middle school

Giving a quick hug is okay at an Oregon middle school. But hanging on longer than that can get a student detention.

A controversy has erupted at Sky View Middle School in Bend, after a 14-year-old girl was disciplined for giving her boyfriend a lingering hug.

Officials say Cazz Altomare had ignored earlier warnings about long hugs. A school district spokeswoman says it's not like they're "the hug Nazis." But another middle school principal in town says officials are focused on creating an environment focused on learning -- and he says learning proper manners is part of that.

The girl's mother is furious -- telling the local newspaper (The Bulletin of Bend) she's trying to understand "what's wrong with a hug." She gave her daughter a long one when she picked her up after detention.