Malone Defends Himself

With a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence hanging over his head, Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone said Monday there was not a lot he could say about allegations that he criminally hit his son with a belt. But he did say, his thoughts are with the 14-year-old.

"I love my son," Malone says. "At this point my objective is the unification of my son."

Malone has not seen his son since Friday night, when he says he disciplined the boy by hitting him with a belt. After his arrest, a restraining order was issued, barring Malone from making contact with his son.

Malone was back at work at city hall Monday, and friends and family were there too for support.

"I have never, ever seen my brother show or do anything disrespectful of any nature or do anything bad to my nephew," Harold Malone says. "He's been a loving father."

"The community will see he will be totally and absolutely vindicated of these false allegations," friend and mentor, Aaron Taylor says.