Campbell County Businessman Murdered

Police believe the person who killed a popular business owner in Campbell County, Kentucky is on the run.

Robert Bosley, seen here, and his family were temporarily living in a cabin off US 27, South of Alexandria. That's where, early Tuesday morning, their lives were torn apart.

Bosley's wife Amy tells investigators that someone broke into their cabin, fired several gun shots killing her husband. Then she says the intruder, that she described as a white male, escaped out a back door and into the woods.

Campbell County officers spent the morning searching the roads and woods for anything out of the ordinary, nearby schools were guarded, K-9 units and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department helicopter criss-crossed the area.

Autopsy results on Bosley's body could give investigators more clues, but as of now we're told there are no obvious suspects.

Bosley's 9-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son were in the house when he was murdered, they were not injured.

Robert Bosley owned Bosley Roofing & Chimney Sweep. He was a member of the Alexandria Businessman Association. Once word got out that the well known businessman was shot and killed in his home, neighbors were paralyzed with disbelief.

Sherry Schwartz worked across the street from Bosley's. She says, "it was like landmark, I would say, do you know where Bosley's is at and they'd say sure."

According to residents the Bosleys were building a home in Pendleton County and were planning to move there when it was completed.