Sleep . . . Lose 100 Pounds!

90% of the more than 18 million Americans with sleep apnea don't know they have it. The tell tell signs at night are loud snoring and possibly choking. During the day you're unable to stay awake from the time you get up to bedtime. That scenario is familiar to Toni Damon a Tri-State woman who had her condition treated with a nightime air machine called a C-PAP. She was diagnosed at the Tri-State Sleep Disorders Center on East Kemper Road. Toni says after using the device her sleep improved drastically and she managed to lose 134 pounds. No longer did she need food for energy. Damon tells FOX 19, "I was eating a lot of high sugar things to keep me awake . . . donuts, chocolate milk, a lot of things that are not so good for you. So that has changed." Toni no longer needs the C-PAP air machine but she does rely on the WeightWatchers program for support. Doctors say if you think you have sleep apnea get it checked.