Witness: Tensing appeared 'scared to death' after shooting

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The defense began to lay out its case in the Ray Tensing trial on Monday.

The jury heard testimony from five witnesses called to the stand by defense attorney Stew Mathews.

All were officers who responded to the scene when Tensing fatally shot Sam DuBose during a traffic stop in July of 2015.

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Officer Jeffrey Van Pelt, with the University of Cincinnati Police Department, was the first to take the stand on behalf of the defense.

Van Pelt described Tensing's appearance, saying he appeared "scared to death" and was "as white as a ghost."

Officer Derek Noland, also with UCPD, then took the stand.

Noland testified that he was in the middle of his own traffic stop when the shooting all-call came across his radio. He abandoned his traffic stop to go back up Tensing.

"He appeared very white, very, almost just shocked," said Noland. "I've never seen him like that."

Noland also noticed that the back of Tensing's shirt was slightly untucked.

"That may be a weird thing to observe, but Officer always, his shirt was in order, his uniform was in order and his shirt was tightly tucked," said Officer Noland.

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Next to testify was Tom Wells, with the Cincinnati Police Department, district four.

He said when he arrived at the scene, he did not know it was an officer-involved shooting.

Wells said he learned that an officer was involved and noticed Tensing holding and rubbing his arm. He told jurors he also noticed discoloration on Tensing's pants.

The media was instructed not to photograph or record the next witness, due to the nature of his assignment with CPD.

Sgt. Nathan Asbury, responded to both the shooting scene and the hospital.

He testified that he saw an abrasion to Tensing's left knee, and swelling and redness on his left forearm.

Sgt. Dan Carder, also with CPD, was the last witness called by the defense on Monday.

He testified that Tensing was shaking his hand, and that Tensing told him his hand was numb.

Sgt. Carder said Tensing face went white and he began sweating, that's when Carder asked another sergeant to get him to the hospital.

Tensing also looked "stunned," according to Carder.

Prosecutors opted not to cross examine any of the five witnesses called by the defense.

The trial is scheduled to resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Defense attorney Stew Mathews said their next witnesses would be "lengthy" but did not specify who he'd be calling to testify next.

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