Fans Delighted With Final Episode

'Star Wars' devotees delighted with final 'Episode'

"Star Wars" fans across the country are hailing the latest installment in the series. "Star Wars: Episode Three -- Revenge of the Sith" opened at theaters nationwide early this morning, drawing some of the most devoted fans to sold-out midnight screenings.

Fans say the excitement inside the theater was "like a party" and many returned to see the flick again. The movie aims to answer many questions lingering from the five previous movies, including how Jedi hero Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. And those who saw it say despite knowing the eventual outcome "you still get that excitement, and it's closure for you." Another fan said "It lived up to all the hype."

Tickets for the movie went on sale last month, and some fans began camping out well in advance.