First freeze on the way for Cincinnati

First freeze on the way for Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - It's been a warmer than usual November so far, but things are about to change. There's a small chance temperatures could hit 32 degrees Friday night and if it doesn't happen then, it will likely happen Saturday night.

This will mark our first freeze of the season.

It's not normal to see our first freeze so late. On average, we see our first freeze around October 24th, though we've seen freezing temperatures as early as September 28th.

If we hit freezing on November 13th, as currently forecasted, we'll be in rare territory. In nine out of ten years, we see our first freeze before November 6th. The latest we've ever seen our first freeze in Cincinnati is November 27th.

Does this late first freeze mean a warm winter? Not necessarily. While winters can begin mild, they can turn cold quick. Though we don't see any signs of extended extreme cold this winter, it's unlikely we'll be as warm as last winter.

Also worth noting, our coldest air doesn't arrive until early to mid-January. We still have a long way to go!

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