Players React to Booing Fans

As the rest of the team warmed up Monday evening, closing pitcher Danny Graves hung up his uniform. The manager says the teams decision to release Graves was based purely on his pitching.

But fans would like to think it was for the finger-flipping. Reds announcer Marty Brennamen agrees players should know better.

"They owe their livelihood to these people they should show some semblance of maturity and self-willpower," said Brennamen.

And while players say that's true fans can sometimes cross the line. They say Graves, whose Vietnamese, was set off Sunday night by an ethnic slur from the stands.

"Your a fan you want to boo, I can understand if you want to boo...but if you want to insult someone as a human being I can't understand that," said Sean Casey.

They say his reaction was wrong but no reason to be fired.

"I mean you get fed up sometimes and you do stuff you regret," said Austin Kearns.

But no matter what, some fans say that's no excuse.

"Suck it up, swallow it go home on your mercedes and no what somebody says," said one fan.

And this will all get better, when the team starts to win.