Make sure your phone isn't infected

Make sure your phone isn't infected

FOX19 - If you've got a smart phone, you'll want to read this.

More than 13,000 people every day are falling victim to a new hack attack—courtesy of some nasty apps.

A new report from online security firm Check Point says malware—hidden in nearly 90 apps--infected Android phones and tablets of all of those people, just since August.

Users downloaded apps that looked innocent enough, including ones named StopWatch, Perfect Cleaner, and WiFi enhancer. Those apps actually came loaded with malware that let the hackers take control of the device and install other apps and software without permission.

The Simply Money point: Don't just read a review or two before you download an app. Google the developer's name to see what you find, and make sure you review the permissions you're giving an app, too.

If you've got an Android device, check this website to see if your device is infected.

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