Leno Testifies in Michael Jackson Trial

Associated Press:

Despite his many jokes at Michael Jackson's expense, Jay Leno took the stand Tuesday as a witness for the defense. It was part of an effort to show Jackson's accuser's family tried to get cash from celebrities.

But the "Tonight Show" host said the boy never asked for money. He did say that the boy had called him a number of times, about five years ago, leaving a series of voice messages saying that Leno was the greatest and that he was the boy's hero.

Leno became annoyed at the calls, and told a friend of his who also knew the boy's family. She said she'd take care of it and the calls stopped. And, Leno eventually did call the boy and speak to him when the child was in the hospital, fighting cancer.

The defense had suggested that Leno notified police about the calls but Leno indicated that hadn't happened.

Meanwhile, a paralegal at a law firm that handled a lawsuit by the family of Michael Jackson's accuser testified Tuesday that the the boy's mother once threatened her life. Mary Holzer says the exchange happened after the mother admitted that the injuries she claimed to have received from J C Penney security guards really came from her then-husband.

Holzer says she told the woman she couldn't lie and she says that's when the boy's mother threatened her life. She says the mother told her she had ties to the mexican mafia, and that they would kill Holzer and her nine-year-old daughter.

Holzer says she never reported the true cause of the mother's injuries because she was terrified. The accuser's family won a $152,000 settlement from J C Penney after accusing store guards of roughing them up.