Schott's Cars To Be Auctioned

Former Cincinnati Reds owner's car collection to be sold at auction

Former Cincinnati Reds majority owner Marge Schott left an estimated 125 million-dollar estate when she died last year. The estate included seven cars to be sold at auction June eleventh. The community philanthropist who clashed with baseball's leadership died March second, 2004, at 75.

Some of her cars have been locked in storage for years and others don't run. But auction organizers expect as many as 200 bidders to attend the auction at Schott Buick in the Cincinnati suburb of Norwood.

Auction organizers say the cars could bring more than 100-thousand dollars. Proceeds from the auction are to go to the charitable foundation set up by Schott and her late husband, Charles.

The cars to be sold at auction include two Corvettes dating back to the 1960s, a 1931 Buick Model 47 and a 1946 Buick Model 1450.

The remaining cars are a 1963 Rolls Royce SC3, a 1980 Gazelle Kit car and a 1955 Nash Metropolitan.